Our residential charging systems go beyond today’s standards. If you have more than one EV, or require a multitude of charging options, RCS can provide a solution that will work in your home.

The number of households owning two or more electric vehicles is growing steadily and our product will be of benefit by offering reduced costs for both hardware and installation. Instead of having to fit two single-vehicle systems, which is the other available option at present, an installer will only be required to fit a single wall unit and associated power supply to the charger location.

Our SOL POD™ residential EV range of chargers will be provided in low-profile cabinets that can be mounted onto garage walls. Where open air parking is used, such as car ports and communal car parks, weatherproof pedestal cabinets will be available.

With the introduction of California Law SB-969, that requires battery backup for all garage door openers, the optional battery packs available with our residential charging systems, coupled with the ancillary output from our chargers, means that a battery backup can be
taken from this source.

Download our data sheet below to learn more about our Residential Charging Solutions

Data Sheet